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Electric motor should have a degree of protection able to keep it free from dust, water and fiber

Frequency and degree of protection are some of the features to be analyzed before purchasing an electric motor.

The frequency of the electric motor is the number of times the electric motor works within a time interval. In Brazil, the electric motor often no more than 60 Hz. This means that the electric motor cycle occurs sixty times per second. best prices coxreels sh-n-4100

Paraguay, Argentina and in Europe the frequency of rotation is more than the Brazilian and no more than fifty Hz. The frequency is something important to be evaluated in the electric motor because it has a direct influence on its rotation.

The degree of protection is largely responsible for delivering the electric motor from dust, fibers, accidental contact or water ingress. When installed in a location where there are water jets, it is important to check that the electric motor has a protection able to withstand possible penetration of water.

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Combustion engine and electric motor: what are the differences?

We all know that an electric motor is very different from a combustion engine, but what are the differences?

The engine operating mode combustion takes place from air mixing with a fuel generating a spark occurs a spark which is responsible for the explosion and so the piston is actuated by moving the handle and thus the combustion engine starts to operate.

Unlike the internal combustion engine, the electric motor operates without the occurrence of burning or explosion. The operation of the electric motor ReelCraft 81100 OLP SERIES takes place by means of a set of coils which work by reversing the magnetic field.

To provide power to the car which has a combustion engine, between a butterfly allows more fuel and air and thus the explosion occurs and the car power increases. On the other hand, the electric motor none of this happens because there is no explosion inside.